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Transcending stylistic and geographical boundaries, we've developed partnerships worldwide in the fields of film, television, and interactive entertainment.
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shimSchoolhouse Rock - After guest speaking for the inaugural Sound Design course at Platt College of Media Arts, AMP producer André Hoth has been asked to join the school's advisory board. The level of passion and talent in the air there is palpable, and we feel honored to be part of their team.
crackdownshim Fantastic - In one of their frequent departures from reality, audio designers at AMP are conjuring an epic library of fantasy-oriented sounds and compositions for use in an upcoming web-based RPG. Check back for official release details.
Twenty-Four Flowers LogoshimE3 Rock! - AMP recently provided music for Sony's epic E3 Show Open. Working with the band Twenty-Four Flowers and fellow composer David Helpling, producer André Hoth created a tight edit of Burn In My Mind (a cut from Keep Running, Twenty-Four Flowers' upcoming EP) for the show. Sony loved the track, and the Twenty-Four Flowers MySpace page was launched a bit earlier than planned to address the excitement on the web surrounding the song's mystery. The full version of Burn In My Mind, as well as several other tracks from Keep Running, will be available when the EP nears completion.
crackdownshim Crackdown - The long-awaited Xbox360 shooter from Microsoft/RealTime Worlds has finally shipped, and music from AMP helps set the mood in this dark, vibey release. AMP Producer André Hoth got gritty with the electro-centric Shiznaptic to create several new teeth-gnashing tracks that are a perfect complement to the game's industrial, edgy world.
Puzzling...Microsoft is porting one of the most intriguing and successful puzzle games (TBA) to the Xbox and Xbox 360 platforms, and AMP will be providing additional downloadable music for the title. "This game's interactivity is really enhanced by its music implementation, and we hope to do justice to the original soundtrack with our smooth, evolving grooves." - AH
Lonely at the Top - AMP is creating theme music for consideration in an upcoming Hollywood feature film starring Robin Williams. With direction from McJames Music, Inc., a reknowned LA music publisher, AMP composer André Hoth is tapping his soul to construct lyrics and melodies that define the desolate, hopeless character they'll accompany in the film.
Coming into Focus - Johnson & Johnson loved the theme music AMP provided for their new Acuvue ad campaign. Featuring a youthful, modern message and design by R/GA in NY, these podcast minishows are taking positive marketing in a new direction. "We really wanted this music to sound genuine, so we put on our Green Day T's and just let it fall out onto the floor." - AH
Sounding Off with SOE - New promotional videos for Sony Online Entertainment will include music co-created by AMP. Written in a variety of styles, these pieces will add energy and intensity to an already powerful line-up.
Coming Full Circle - AMP has just signed a contract with Microsoft licensing several songs for use in an upcoming Xbox 360 title. More details about AMP's involvement with this game, which is due for release in early 2007, will be availble as soon as the product is officially announced.
SDAFF is Here! - The San Diego Asian Film Festival takes place this week, and AMP will be there to experience the latest cinematic creations and talk shop with the local filmmaking community. "It's an honor to have contributed music to past SDAFF films, and we hope to carry on the tradition with some of this year's most passionate producers and directors." - AH
L.A. in the South - The talented and versatile Anastasia Nikifiorva is writing songs for an up-and-coming Nashvile artist, and she and her publisher have asked AMP to contribute. With influences from Faith Hill, Deana Carter, and Sara Evans, these songs are proving to be a pleasant excursion from AMP's recent edgier projects.
Boys and Their Toys - The perpetual techno-geeks at AMP recently helped test and review the new APA44, a productivity-boosting audio hardware device from Waves. Look for the review (penned by David Helpling of DHM Music Design) in an upcoming issue of Audiomedia magazine.
5.1 Ways to Say "International Release" - With the help of Koberlin Studios, AMP has just completed the Spanish-dubbed surround remix of a major Hollywood film. "We hope this is the beginning of a long and exciting relationship with Tycoon Industries, the veteran dubbing experts who created the dialog track." - AH
Kids at Heart - The fun-loving production team at Nickelodeon has reached out to AMP as a music resource for some of their forthcoming projects. "We're stoked to be involved with such a well-respected creative group. Of course, we'd do anything to meet (or just be cleaned by) SpongeBob." - AH
André 3001! - AMP brought in several local rap artists to "spit venom" on a recent game soundtrack, and they liked what they heard...so much so that they've each asked AMP to produce their upcoming album releases. Look for bios and teaser tracks from Konshus Marz, Bass, o.g/D, and Long John in the producer credits section soon.
Industrial Accidents - AMP's current game project calls for dark, mechanical electronica, and their bizarre aural experiments to generate raw source material have yielded uniquely usable results. "Mashing motors, beating blenders, and grinding gears never sounded so sweet...but we're still thankful for earplugs." - AH
Driving the Critics Crazy - Since its release, Microsoft's Forza Motorsport for the Xbox has been universally praised for its realism and adrenaline-infused gameplay. "Contributing to the game's audio from its inception has been a thrill ride, and the pedal-to-the-metal music we composed for its marketing campaign was a blast to produce. We're all revved up and ready for Forza Motorsport 2 on the Xbox 360!" - AH
Setting the Pace with CSC - Computer Sciences Corporation isn't resting on its laurels after winning contracts with NASA, the Air Force, and the Department of Education. AMP recently partnered with DHM Music Design to score a national promotional video for the global IT giant, and the results were bold, powerful, and client-pleasing.
E3 Fever Hits! - AMP is cooking up some exciting new musical concoctions for the Electronics Entertainment Expo in LA. "It always feels like an early Christmas when E3 comes to town, and we're looking forward to drooling over the latest wares with the many friends we've made in the gaming industry over the years. See you there!" - AH
Reworking Robbins Research Institute - Tony Robbins wanted a fresh look and feel for his new 10-disc motivational series, and custom music from AMP is playing a key role in defining that new identity. Melodic and modern yet accessible to all ages, these new themes convey positive, inspirational emotions that perfectly suit Tony's uplifting messages.
Sold on Soul - San Diego vocalist Leonard Patton's versatility is again put to the test (and passes with flying colors) while collaborating on "Fallin' Down," a poignant R&B tune written and produced by AMP. Somber piano, crying guitars, and funky, laid-back rhythms give this song a genuine 70's feel that's timelessly hip.
The Battle Is On - AMP is rolling out the big guns to vie for a major upcoming PC game release set in WWII. "We're using authentic orchestral arrangements to convey the drama, action, and glory of this [best-selling PC game's] sequel." - AH
Dell Infomercial Features AMP Remix - Dell's exciting new infomercial includes music from AMP's custom library. It was tailored it to this retro-themed spot by altering the arrangement and beefing up the mix to give it more oomph. Groovy!
Hip-Hoppin' with Microsoft's Xbox - AMP has been slingin' the lowdown on several new hiphop pieces for an undisclosed Xbox title...ain't nothin' but a G thing! (Hint, hint) "It's been great fun bringing in our favorite local rappers for this project; everyone's so stoked to be involved that it feels more like play." - AH
Southern California Facility Complete - After much planning and elbow grease, AMP's San Diego location is now fully functional. Custom-built acoustic treatment is proving to be worth the price of admission; the live room is producing sweet tones, and the control room is even and nuetral-sounding. "We quickly heard the positive effect this new space is having on our mixes." - AH
Looking Good with Drezden Models - Veteran modeling agency Drezden Models has chosen AMP to compose and produce music for its new website. A classy, clean, and edgy sound will compliment the look of these gorgeous girls in cyberspace.