Interactive Media Soundtracks
  - Console and PC technical experience
  - DVD, Web, and Flash integration
  - Delivery in any file format (.wma, .vag, .swf, ac3, and others)
  - Multiple surround options up to 7.1
Scoring to Picture
  - Experience with long and short formats (15 seconds to feature length)
  - Powerful hit-point tools for tight timing and maximum emotional impact
  - Live players and top-shelf sample libraries for authentic sound and feel
  - Quicktime, smpte-striped VHS, and other formats supported
Mixing and Mastering



  - Pro Tools HD3-based mixing environment
  - Custom-treated control room with multiple reference monitors       
  - Analog and digital mixing tools available
  - Skilled at genre-based mixing to nail "that sound"



Artist Development        
  - Focus on cultivating your unique style and musical identity
  - Experienced in hiphop, nu metal, pop, latin, and other genres              
  - Vocal, lyrical, and instrumental production assistance available
  - Influence from specific artists if desired